Renovation Plans and Ideas for 2019

I am so glad that I started this blog.  I feel like I’m bursting with info and ideas for the house and I just need to pour it all out somewhere and record it all.  I love writing and photos so much, I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

Anyway, this year is a big one.. we plan to kick off (and dare I say ‘finish’?) the extension.  So obviously we want to get everything done that we can but I am working on my own little projects and fine tuning plans for things that can be done regardless of the building work.

1.Get the greenhouse up and running

I’m keen to do this soon so I can get it cleared and organised and get some seeds planted.  I know I always try and do too much (!) but I’d really like to get some growing area at least kicked off this year and if nothing else get some kale and herbs growing for the bunnies and some cutting flowers.

2. Bathroom

The old primrose suite is about to be ripped out, although we’re thinking of putting it back a week as we’ve got a lot on at the moment and when we rip it out we’ll only be stuck without a bathroom.  I’ll do a separate post on it but until it’s been ripped out we won’t decide on a new layout!

3. Have all the internal doors dipped and stripped

All of the upstairs doors have been collected this weekend! I’m excited to see how they turn out but I’m a bit nervous about it too, you just don’t know what they’ll be like under all those layers of magnolia gloss! I’d like to find some crackle ceramic effect knobs for them too.

4. Artwork

So far we’ve got a small gallery wall up with a lot of vintage floral and botanic prints up and that’s it! I love it but it definitely needs some tweaking, changing frames etc but it was Christmas week and I just needed to get something on the wall! Now we need more art and some family phots as all the other walls are bare.

5. Finish rabbitry

My rabbit shed has been going through a bit of a renovation itself! I wanted to get it all painted in there to lighten it up and fit vinyl floor in all the hutches to keep it all fresh and nice for them.  I’ll share some pictures when it’s done but I’m such a messy decorator I can’t bear to before it’s finished!

6. Landing/stairs

I really want something bold here.  In my mind’s eye I’ve chosen the wall colour and can totally picture it, despite people trying to talk me out of it! I’d really like a bold wallpaper too but I can’t find one I like and I’ve got about 30 samples now! Im 99% sure we’re going to go with Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’ on the walls with white gloss door frames and stripped/oiled doors.

7. Built in wardrobes for boys’ bedroom

The boys still have all the their possessions in moving boxes as they’ve got no storage apart from a chest of drawers! We had quotes for built in wardrobes but they were ridiculous money (for mdf not even wood!) so we are going to build our own version with Ikea Pax wardrobes and a plinth, cornice etc so at least they have the look of built in wardrobes.

This is the estate agent photo so all that furniture has gone now and we just have a temporary clothes rail and moving boxes!

8. Upcycle boys’ desk

I got this desk off eBay for them at the end of last year but it needs some work. I am thinking a dark blue or grey chalk paint but keeping the top wood effect? Will need to get all the orange varnish off it though and put a nice oil on the wood. Potentially new drawer handles too!

9. Homemade Christmas gifts

I am determined to do this again for 2019. I have done this previously and although it was really rewarding (the recipients looked so pleased with them) they were super expensive (isn’t that always the case with crafting) and took AGES! Last time I made hampers with garden produce, pickles etc and some peanut brittle etc and cellophane wrapped them – I just wish I kept pictures. Anyway, due to the time and cost I’m going to start early with making these doing a bit at a time.. off to Pintrest I go!

Photo by on

10. Front garden planting

We’ve been landscaping the front driveway more or less since we moved in and it’s finally ready for planting! I’ve ordered the cherry laurel plants to grow the hedge between our house and next door and also two David Austen roses for either side of the front door. Now I need to decide on some trailing plants and others to grow in the rock wall border and then the front retaining border needs some big shrubs I think.

There is a huge rhododendron that we cut back in there that will grow again and I think I’d like some peonies too. I need to research perennials that will suit the front garden but I’d like to keep it a pink and white theme as they are my favourite flowers.

That sounds like a lot, never mind the extension! Oh well, only 346 days until Christmas!


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