Making a festive fireplace garland

We managed to get the front lounge ‘finished’ just in time for Christmas – 18th December.. eek! So we were straight into decorating for Christmas and I wanted to fill the fireplace with foliage seeing as the only other decorations we managed this year was a tree (obviously) and a few fairy lights.

I have quite a few fake garlands in the loft but decided to do a fresh one for the first time and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I started at the florists and got:

  • 3 x blocks of florists oasis plus trays to fit
  • 2 branches of eucalyptus
  • 1 branch of blue spruce

I also got 2 sprigs of mistletoe and it cost me £13 for the above.

I soaked the oasis until they were fully saturated with water to keep the display fresh and so it would last as long as possible. It gets really heavy so do this in the tray it’s going to sit in.

I will just say that my kids couldn’t resist the temptation to stick their fingers in the oasis on the way home from the florist!

Then I had a scout round the garden and took loads of clippings. I was going to stick to just a few varieties but I just kept finding things I liked the look of. I know I got plenty of holly and ivy, then lots of other shrubbery that I don’t know the names of but things with berries that looked festive and some conifer to bulk out as well.

My Christmas tree also had a haircut to tidy the shape up so I kept those cuttings too!

I just started out with the thickest branches positioning them equally and working down the the finest springs at the very end. The spruce and my Christmas tree clippings were the thickest branches so put those in first. Then used the conifer along the back as it’s good to fill out with greenery but not necessarily as pretty as some of the other foliage.

The eucalyptus is good for adding sprigs of height and is so festive and pretty. The holly was an absolute pain, literally! But necessary. The ivy just draped to cover any exposed bits of oasis and then the shrubbery with berries just slotted in strategically at the end. Then I just added some battery powered fine copper lights et voila!

I am thrilled with how it turned out and will definitely be doing this every year now. It lasted a good two weeks before it started to dry out but I didn’t water it at all again in that time (which I should probably have done) and the log burner has been on most days. I might think about a spring or Easter display next!


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