The house ‘before’ ..

After our offer was accepted, the lovely vendor let us spend quite a lot of time at the house, getting to grips with what we needed to do, taking photos, measuring and we even had a couple of meetings with our architect before we exchanged. I thought I’d share all of the ‘before’ pictures, some […]

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The Spare Bedroom

I think this may be my favourite room in the house! <3 It’s so cottagey and pretty and has a lovely feel and it didn’t require all that much work. It was only a small room, with sticky, rotting carpet that must be 40+ years old but now it’s bright and flowery and has a […]

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How to dye a fabric chair or sofa

We have a lovely Laura Ashley wingback chair that we wanted to keep but was completely the wrong colour for our room now. I had previously gotten quotes to have it reupholstered and they all came back at around the £400 mark which we couldn’t justify, so I decided to dye the existing fabric. The […]

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Making a festive fireplace garland

We managed to get the front lounge ‘finished’ just in time for Christmas – 18th December.. eek! So we were straight into decorating for Christmas and I wanted to fill the fireplace with foliage seeing as the only other decorations we managed this year was a tree (obviously) and a few fairy lights. I have […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I have finally made the time to set this little blog up – New Year’s Resolution! I’d like to use it to document our home renovation story as we go along and share our progress. We have moved into a 1920’s house and have big plans for it! We’ve only done […]

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